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One insanely simple piece of advice for anyone starting any kind of business that will save you millions, make you millions, and help you avoid stress and broken relationships.

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I know how to generate awareness

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I can help you turn your ideas into reality and put money in your pocket along the way.

But you don’t know where to start, who to trust, or lack the confidence in taking the first step.

We share the same goal in life: building something that actually matters.

You’re here because you’re passionate about business, you love putting deals together, you have really great ideas, you can see the bigger picture, and you’re determined.

But most of all, you are driven by something deep down inside… Something that says you would rather FAIL to do something you love, than be successful doing something, or working a job that you hate.

You’ve already decided (or are about to decide) to take the hardest path in life, and build something of your own — starting a new business, quitting your job and consulting full time, or taking on that pain-in-the-butt project at your work that no one else wants to touch.
But where do you start??

I’ve been down the road of trying to do it on my own… No mentors and total “school of hard knocks” style. It’s exciting and rewarding, but also painful and emotional.
Through my journey, I’ve discovered the common threads behind my projects that worked, and the ones that failed and I can help you avoid failure.

Let’s do this.

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training for entrepreneurs
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I would love to help you do something great.

Business is HARD, and I never had a mentor. I’d love to help you avoid the pitfalls, common mistakes, and lessons that I had to go through when I was trying to figure it out. I can help you layout a plan, bring clarity to your vision, and understand how to get traction.

"TR guided me through turning my idea into a business."

Spencer Hunn — Entrepreneur.

"TR is a real game literally.

— Ya know who he is.

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training for entrepreneurs
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My Areas of Expertise

I used to think I was just an idea guy… Then I found out you need to know how to apply those ideas and make them real. Then I found out you need to learn how to protect yourself so you actually get paid.

Through my 20 years of experience, I’ve picked up skills in a handful of key categories that help me and my clients build amazing things.


I’m a specialist at coming up with big, unique ideas that are actionable, and that the market is ready for. An idea isn’t worth anything without a plan to get it to market.

Experiential Events

Experience is everything. I’ve sold MILLIONS of tickets for multiple event concepts that inspire and connect people and communities.

Event Operations

From operating complex events, managing startup sales and marketing teams, and handling legal & fundraising issues, I’ve learned a few things about operations.


It’s one thing to work on a marketing team for a company with plenty of money and an established customer base… I know how to get traction with a new idea and limited resources.


A great idea won’t last unless it’s well capitalized, and investors won’t give you money unless they are excited about your idea and your plan. I’ve raised over $100M in capital for multiple companies.


No matter how smart or connected you are, you can’t do it by yourself… and working with people is really challenging. I’ve worked with large and small teams at all different skill levels.